You’ll never be stressed due to sweat again, thanks to laulas®!

Life could be so perfect – if only nobody knew that you perspirated so much…

Don’t worry: Thanks to laulas® functional undershirts no one is going to notice. Laulas® works guaranteed, without any intervention in your body. Developed by sufferers.

Your worries about ugly sweat stains under your arms are over. Laulas® is giving new quality of life to sufferers in more than 30 countries. Laulas® will save you, too, from embarrassment. Take advantage of this unique innovation! You will be able to lift your arms without fear again, confidently hold talks or go on dates.

This is what our customers are saying:

I’ve been a laulas customer for 4 years now and I’m very happy. Awesome products, simple and clearly presented ordering and fast shipping. One time I ordered the wrong size. No problem: You can simply change it. Excellent customer service. That’s how shopping is made enjoyable.

Congratulations! You really did invent a great product, positively amazing material and most importantly – dry! I just wanted to say: Thank you so, so much. Just like you said, I have a new quality of life.

I bought the shirts and they actually work. They give me self-confidence and most importantly an inner calm, because if you constantly have the feeling that you’re sweating while in a stress situation, you can’t concentrate at all because you always have the feeling that everybody else can see it.

When I wear the shirts I feel more secure and they gave me strength to finish my new trainee program – I might have given up otherwise.

Even though the shirts are kind of expensive I’d like to thank the inventor and fellow-sufferer. 


Say good-bye to your sweat stains
– without intervention in your body

There are different ways of reducing sweat stains produced by underarm sweat – laulas® can do it without intervening in the natural processes in your body.

Sweat has a natural, important cooling function and also serves as a way of purging harmful substances. That’s why you shouldn’t “turn off” your sweat to prevent sweat stains.

Instead, laulas® functional shirts were developed – created out of my own story of suffering. When you use laulas® you immediately prevent sweat stains from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and your body can still continue naturally with its tasks.

laulas - so funktioniert das Schweiss-Shirt

For more than 7 years thousands of customers have used laulas® functional undershirts daily. That’s a lot of experience and feedback. Thanks to your co-operation we’ve been able to further improve its wearing comfort and performance.

The new laulas® offers 4 layers of protection:

  1. 1.    Coolmax® - a water-attracting mesh which ensures that the sweat is quickly transported to the underarm pockets.

    2.    Underarm pockets with absorption pads – the new laulas® absorption pads with superabsorber fibers enclose sweat securely

    3.    Swisscotton® cotton – ensures your wearing comfort and acts as a natural barrier

    4.    Bionic breathable membrane – the applied fluid barrier prevents the leakage of fluid and so protects your clothing


Hello Mr. Goss
Thank you very much for your great service and the amazing product. Finally something that actually works.
Awesome idea

Hello dear reader,
I wore the shirt I ordered from laulas immediately the next day.
I’m a student and have a lot of problems with my sweat. I’ve tried everything, deodorants, teas and antiperspirants. Nothing worked. But the worst part is that I don’t even sweat when I exert myself, only when I’m nervous does it start to flow.
With the laulas shirt I don’t have any stains at all! When I got home and lifted my arm in front of the mirror I was grinning like a maniac. There was nothing to see!
I’m really happy with the shirt. The investment was totally worth it! I can only recommend it.
Thank you so, so much laulas.

I was one of the first to test and buy your product and I am still very happy!
My shirts have lasted well over 4 years now! And I’ve been wearing laulas almost daily in those 4 years – mostly the Polo shirts in summer and the undershirts in winter. Sometimes I’ve even worn the undershirts without anything else and even then no one noticed that absorption pads are sewn into it.
I’ve also noticed that I’ve been sweating decisively less over the last years. I’m guessing it has something to do with the security laulas-shirts give me and the psychological benefits. Furthermore my regular participation in endurance sports helps, since I already sweat everything out then ;-) 

I don’t have any more questions but I’m writing anyway ;-)
This morning my laulas shirt arrived and I tried it on right away. Then, for the first time in a long time, I put my favorite shirt on over it. Afterwards I went up and down the stairs a few times and did a few push-ups.
The result: Beads of sweat on my forehead, but nothing under my arms on my shirt!
I’m ecstatic!
Since I do a lot of sports I sweat easily. Now I can finally wear clothes that I like again and not only polyester and black-and-white stuff.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I’ve only been wearing the undershirt for a few hours but I’m already so thrilled!
I just wanted to mention that


If you, too, suffer from underarm sweat and want to be active again, then wear laulas®.

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